TRAPTOX: The Newest “It” Tweakment Taking the Beauty World by Storm


  • More and more people are trying out “Traptox” – getting Botox injections in their trapezius muscles. This new trend is said to help with tension headaches, as well as improve one’s posture and alter physical appearance.
  • Many are finding relief from pain through this procedure, while others are using it for its cosmetic benefits.
  • Despite its popularity, experts warn that using the procedure for altering physical appearance can have negative consequences.

What is Traptox?

If you’re looking to reduce tension in your neck and shoulder area, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s world and with our fast-paced and often stressful lives, it’s important to find ways to relax. Easier said than done…Day after day, if these areas remain tense, you may also notice that your traps (trapezius muscle) have become thicker and larger, leading to a more masculine and rigid appearance.

Traptox is the new solution to help relieve stress and tension in your neck and shoulders as well as improve your appearance- and it really works!

While most people are familiar with Botox being an anti-wrinkle treatment it has many applications and has been used in conventional medicine for a long time. A new use for the neurotoxin has emerged to help ease tension in the trapezius muscle. Botox injections can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This isn’t the only time Botox has been used to treat a medical condition: The injections have received FDA approval to treat a wide range of ailments, including chronic migraine; urinary incontinence; and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Botox has even been shown to be effective in treating some mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

But now back to the traps… Injecting a little bit of Botox into your trapezius muscle can work wonders in terms of relaxing your muscles and giving you a more slender and feminine appearance. Not to mention, it can be a great way to get relief from any pain or discomfort you may be feeling.

Although the primary purpose of this procedure is to relieve tension and improve posture, it can also slim down the shoulders and neck, as well as contour the neckline which is loved by celebrities and beauty gurus. It comes as no surprise that Traptox gained immense popularity after Kim Kardashian admitted to having it done earlier this year. The treatment went absolutely viral on social media, receiving over 500,000 TikTok views in its first week on the platform alone.


What about the potential cons of Traptox?

Botox is relatively safe for most people, but there are some exceptions. People with a history of neuromuscular disorders should avoid Botox injections due to the high risk of complications. Before you try Traptox, there are a couple of potential drawbacks to consider. One has to do with the final result of how your neck and shoulders will look after the procedure which is highly individual. There’s a potential risk of the two sides looking asymmetric which will require further injections that cost money and time. 

There’s another risk that could affect your long-term strength – getting Botox injections could weaken your trapezius muscle, making it difficult to work that muscle in the future. When you don’t use your muscles, you’ll gradually lose muscle mass and strength.

Having the procedure done once or twice won’t necessarily cause any harm, but getting regular injections will likely have a lasting effect.