About Aestha

We are the new generation of aesthetic company and our core values, safety, quality and client experience are important to us.

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced and to keep at the forefront of the industry, attend regular updates with the latest industry news so you can achieve the best results with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

We strive to develop holistic treatment plans that not only focus on single effective treatments, but also address the  revitalisation of your face as a whole. This way we can achieve optimal results that are long lasting and easier to maintain.

Our injectable treatments are performed only by aesthetic practitioners with medical background and experience in providing minimally invasive non surgical treatments. They are renowned for exceptional level of quality and expertise in their work.

All staff are fully insured and practise under a strict code of ethics and confidentiality, adhering to stringent standards of hygiene.

We offer life-enhancing treatments to make you feel and look your best

As the Clinic’s many regular patients know from experience, we offer life-enhancing treatments to make you feel and look your best. We are pioneers in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation procedures and our highly experience team have experience in all areas of aesthetic work for the face and body.

Our Specialists

Dr Victoria aesthetician

Dr Victoria Virtosu

Dr Victoria is our lead clinician at the Wimpole St. clinic with over 10 years experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. She is currently completing a Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine at Queens Mary University of London. She is always on top of the latest cosmetic innovations, keeping abreast of the most advanced techniques and products.

As a strong believer in evidence-based approaches, Dr Victoria makes safety and efficacy her priority. Aiming primarily to prevent  aging as well as to maintain and enhance natural beauty, she gives attention to details, personality, and individual desires to create that unique look for excellent longstanding results with minimal “down time”.

Along with face sculpting and rejuvenation, Dr. Victoria is also passionate about tissue repairing with growth factors and collagen stimulating treatments.

aesthetician aestha clinic

Dr Natalyia Grigarovich

Dr Natalyja is an experienced clinician with subspecialisation of dermatology field and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. She is an expert on combination techniques to enhance your beauty and deliver safe natural results. Dr Natalyja has an extensive injectable facial rejuvenation experience and has a bespoke stepwise management system combined with her fast yet extremely light injectable handwork.

Dr Natalyja aims to give clients relaxed and comfortable experience while focusing on delivering results in aesthetic treatments. She regularly attends conferences and advanced training seminars to keep her skills at the forefront of her field.

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