Collagen boosting injections


woman's face

Facial Contouring

One of the best products available for facial contouring due to its qualities as a stable and relatively firm product. Once placed under the skin, the product gradually stimulates your skin to produce more collagen and in this way tightening skin. Our experts have developed a specific facial contouring technique during which we place nano-droplets of a product just on the right tension points to achieve natural lift and skin tightening in the mid and lower face. Especially effective for the jaw angle definition, pre-jaw sulcus uplift, cheekbone contour.

Sharper Chin

Radiesse treats short and receded chin by improving chin projection, which is achieved by pushing the border of the chin out. Radiesse consists of Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHa). Results last up to 2 years.

Saggy Neck Skin

Radiesse in its hyper-diluted form is used to reduce double chin and saggy neck skin by inducing collagen production in the dermal layers and therefore making skin firmer and tighter.


Radiesse is one of the most effective products to improve your thin and/or ageing skin in the hand area and produce long-lasting rejuvenating results.

* The hand images are a product of Radiesse. These are unretouched images of an actual patient.

At a Glance

Treatment Time

45 minutes

an eye

On Set Results

2 weeks

Treatment's Downtime

No downtime

Result Duration

2-4 years

Potential Side Effects

Bruising, or overcorection

Need of Anaesthetic

Yes, Topical

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