The ‘laser season’ has arrived

Facials are excellent idea all year through, but especially in autumn to prepare skin to colder weather and clean all sun damage accumulated over the summer and improve skin texture and pores.

laser facials

Why Laser Facial?

Lasers uses optical light which is transformed to energy ie laser light and targets pigment or collagen stimulation. Lasers are extremely helpful to improve skin tone and texture, target brown and red pigments in the skin, which usually represents pigment or broken vessels in the skin. Texture irregularities from acne scarring, old skin cells, open pores can be effectively targeted by using ablative lasers ie laser peelings. Crystal clear bouncy and healthy skin is possible with few laser facials.

Why do I require one?

Sun exposure, accumulated toxins in the skin cells due to lifestyle choices and metabolic waste slows downs our cells and makes them age prematurely. Laser energies boost the skin cells and restarts its sleep-wake cycle, activates protons, electrons, and mitochondria’s to utilise energy by producing amino acids, which extracellular matrix (ie your collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin). 

What type of laser facial I need?

We would like to share with you the 3 most popular types of facial treatments for face that we offer in the clinic:

ND: YAG Q switch laser  – effectively stimulates skin cells to produce collagen, targets sun spots, and red vessels. No downtime, but you may require sessions 2-4 a year.

ND: YAG Q switch laser

Laser Peeling: Erbium YAG laser is used to create microchannels in the skin. They close in few days and in this way tighten skin, removes superficial skin texture irregularities, improve scars and pores, tones up the skin. Visible results from single session, but may require few if there are significant open pores.

Laser Peeling: Erbium YAG laser

Photofacial uses special IPL type of lasers which can target pigment or red vessels. They are the most effective to clear sun damage in lighter skin types, however, requires expert use. No downtime, but lifted pigment can be visible for 3-5 days, which then ‘peels’ and you enjoy your crystal clear complexion! May require 1-3 sessions.