Summer Skin Guide:
Soothing Summer Skincare Essentials

Warmer months bring plenty of excitement – think vacations, longer days and more time outside. Ensure your skincare regimen is ready for the summer to protect + soothe it from environmental stressors.

Sunburn On Your Face

Summer can be synonymous with sunburns if you are not prepared. Sunscreen is a must all year, but it is especially important for the summer. ZO® offers sun protection for every skin type and lifestyle, ranging from water and sweat-resistant, glow-enhancing and complexion-blurring formulas.

All ZO® sunscreens contain Triple-Spectrum Protection® which protect against sun + light damage.


How To Treat Sunburn On Your Face Fast

Sunburns happen. Maybe you didn’t reapply enough during a long day outdoors or maybe you missed a spot. There are some steps you can follow after developing a burn. It is important to know that many skincare products, such as AHAs or retinol, are not advised to be used on burnt or damaged skin. Skincare for sunburns should be minimal and behaviour based.

The following steps are recommended after developing a sunburn:

    • Apply a cool compress to the burn site
    • Drink fluids to prevent dehydration
    • Get out of the sun to prevent further sun exposure
    • Keep skin hydrated as it heals
    • See a doctor if the burn worsens or blisters

Best Skincare For Sunburns

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends keeping skin hydrated as it heals.

ZO® Skin Health’s Hydrating Crème is ideal for soothing stressed skin. It delivers long-lasting hydrating benefits, calms visible redness and aids skin barrier recovery. It can be used as often as needed. After applying, it is important to remain out of direct sunlight and cover up with protective clothing to prevent further damage.

A mild cleanser that supports the skin barrier, such as ZO’s new Hydrating Cleanser, is a great option to keep the area cleansed and minimize infection.

summer skincare essentials

How To Prevent Facial Sunburn

Using broad-spectrum sunscreen every day is the best way to prevent sunburns on the face or body. It is vital to limit sun exposure and regularly reapply sunscreen as directed. Learning more about how to prevent facial sunburn is a great way to make sure you are protecting your skin.

Have questions about sun protection? Discover the right SPF product for you with the help of our doctors. They will assess your skin and recommend the best skincare regime and products based on individual consultation.