RF microneedling protocols and combination treatments

Insights from Dr Natalyja Grigarovich

rf microneedling

Radiofrequency micronnedling has become extremely popular over the past few years. It is an effective treatment that can be used for a number of different skin conditions by adjusting the setting or skin care regimen.

RF Microneedling Devices: Secret RF and Sectret PRO (combined co2 laser with RF microneedling), Vivacy, Scarlet, Sylfirm X and Morpheous 8 – which is heavily promoted by the Kardiashians.

Is there a difference between devices?

Most of the devices work on the same principle and are fairly similar. The results generated are completely dependent on the practitioner using them, their skill and knowledge of the client’s skin.

The Secret PRO is an advanced device using semi insulated gold needles, and is generally safe for post inflammatory pigmentation or creating marks on the face post treatment, which makes it the preferred option for our regenerative dermatology skin experts at Aestha Clinic. The setting, such as depth and energy used, are similar across all devices and primarily depend on the skin concerns we are treating and your tolerance level.

RF Microneedling Face Treatments

1. Acne and Scarring

Acne breakouts and scarring come in multiple shapes and forms. The basic treatment principles are as follows: control breakouts i.e. first comes the right choice of skincare and a consultation for acne management.

RF Microneedling is the best solution for rolling scars, however there are additional treatments that may help its effectiveness:

    • Collagen biostimulators or acne filling for deep acne scarring
    • Add on CO2 laser for better efficacy altough it may increase your downtime
    • Add DYE: VL laser for red acne marks or pigmentation.

Acne scarring is a difficult condition and requires multiple treatments, combined with the right skincare. Here, in clinic we can help kick off and expedite your healing journey but the most important job will be yours – at home.

Minimum required treatments: 3-4 sessions for medium depth scars.

It has been proven that regular RF micro needling reduces oil production in sebaceous glands, up to 70-80% and therefore reduces pore appearance and breakout incidence.

2. Fine Lines and Early Laxity Signs

The current scientific studies confirm that despite the differences in devices, the overall average effectiveness of RF microneedling is as follows:

  • 86 % -90% clients are happy with treatment results
  • 4 month follow up – 54% -60% have visible improvement sustained
  • In biopsy skin studies collagen content in skin is approximately 30% higher from a single RF microneedling treatment.

Source: National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information.

RF micronedling is an excellent choice for early prevention of skin laxity or as a maintenance anti-ageing treatment. As a maintenance anti-ageing treatment RF Microneeedling is best combined with:

  • Collagen biostimulators such as Sculptra or Lanluma once a year
  • Skincare protocol that maintains and enhances your treatment results:
    – OBAGI tretinoin use with ZO SKIN POLISH to enhance collagen production and stimulation;
    – Antioxidant or stemcell serums, such as ZO GROWTH FACTOR serum or ZO Firming serum to enhance skin’s elasticity and overall cell health;

    – Plasmotherapy combined with exosomes. An incredibly powerful and innovative skin stem cell stimulation and rejuvenation treatment.

3. Pigmentation and Melasma

Various protocols have been tested for periorbital pigmentation in combination with skin lightening treatments. Studies examining various devices use in periorbital pigmentation, has confirmed that RF microneedling reduces pigmentation, brightens skin and is safe to use in darker skin types.

We advise to combine RF microneedling with :

  • Transaxemic acid and niacinamide: ZO SKIN Brightenol or Obagi Clarifying serum and Tretinoin for more advanced skin lightening effect.
  • Use biomimetic peptide injections or PRP to aid skin brightening.

    4. Managing Post Dermal Fillers Related Puffiness And Swelling

    With increased popularity of hyaluronic acid use, we see more and more filler related swelling and puffiness, the so-called ‘’Pillow Face’’.  Dermal filler related puffiness often occurs when too much hyaluronic dermal filler is used or the skin is not able to retain hyaluronic acid i.e. skin is too weak and lacks the necessary amount of collagen , especially around the lower eye area.

    Using RF microneedling will improve collagen levels, and metabolise the superficial dermal filler better, therefore you will achieve tighter appearance and less prominent dermal filler related puffiness or bulkiness and related fluctuations.

    In cases where you had dermal filler removed, RF microneedling is an excellent choice to help restore skin collagen levels, firm up the skin and assess whether further dermal filler use is indicated.

    biomimetic peptides

    RF Microneedling Alopecia Treatment

    Scalp RF micronedling has multiple benefits. From enhancing circulation to stimulating hair growth and enhancing topical preparation penetration. The most effective combination is RF microneedling with Fibrin rich plasma injections (iPRF). Secret RF golden micro-needles penetrate the skin of the patient’s scalp and radio frequency energy is distributed deeply and precisely to all necessary layers of the skin. Immediately afterwards, the patient’s blood plasma enriched with platelets is applied topically. Following microchannels that were created by the golden microneedles, reaches even deeper into the scalp, directly next to hair follicles.

    Recommended to continue using minoxidil topical preparations post treatment to enhance results.

    Generally you will require 3-4 sessions for sustained results and hair growth recovery.

    biomimetic peptides for eye bags

    RF Microneedling Body Treatments

    RF microneedling is proven to be the most effective treatment for stretch marks or in combination with collagen biostimulators to lift and tighten:

    • Buttocks
    • Decolletage area
    • Inner arms and legs
    • Post-surgical corrections with fat transfers

    Adding a small amount of collagen biostimulators, you will get the so-called ‘sandwich effect’, deep collagen repair and enhanced collagen activation from superficial layers. Single treatment will provide excellent results for more toned up and firmer bodies.

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