PDRN skin boosters, redensifyers and a more youthful you


What are PDRN skin boosters? 

At Aestha Clinic we always strive to provide our clients with the latest and best regenerative aesthetic treatments. This month we would like to introduce one of the recent hypes in the aesthetic medicine field, PDRN skin boosters and redensifyers. Polydeoxyribonucleotide, known as PDRN is a naturally-occurring building block in your DNA that helps to repair damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen production.
This injectable skin rejuvenating treatment originated from South-Korea and has been growing in popularity ever since due its effect on age-reversal, scar reduction and skin repair.

PDRN skin redensifyers

What are the benefits of PDRN skin redensifyers?

Polydeoxyribonucleotide molecules stimulate the metabolic activity of cells in your skin to stimulate collagen. It can also quicken wound recovery and scar reduction by boosting the rate of growth of fibroblasts- the cells responsible for collagen production.

PDRN skin redensifying treatments provide skin revitalisation by promoting cell growth through fibroblast stimulation. Fibroblast promotes the secretion of various dermis components such as collagen and other extra cellular matrix. The fibroblast is located in the dermis layer of the skin, where the injections need to be administered and deposited for the treatment to be effective. It is of utmost importance to have the PDRN injections performed by a skilled, medically trained practitioner.

pdrn skin boosters

As a result, PDRN repair and regeneration treatments have 2 primary effects:


  1. Healing Effect:
  • Encourage intense skin repair
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks
  • Minimises pores


  1. Antiageing effect:
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, & pore size
  • Boost cell renewal & new cell growth
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Improve skin elasticity and hydration
skin benefits

What is the difference between skin redensifyers and skin boosters?


Skinboosters are made from hyaluronic acid, which is best known for giving skin a hydration boost. Having such a boost can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines too.

However, skin boosters do not have collagen-stimulating and wound-healing properties like PDRN injections do. As a result, they don’t provide the same anti-aging and regenerative effects as PDRN skin redensifyers.

pdrn skin redensifyers

Here at Aestha Clinic we use a combination of both HA skinboosters and PDRN skinredensifyers to achieve the best of both worlds for our patients. Our regenerative aesthetic medicine experts have also developed special treatment protocols that can be personalised for ultimate results. Complementing treatments such as Plasmotherapy, use of energy devices as well as heat-based machines such as RF and Ultraformer depending on each individual patient’s needs are also used in order to maximize the improvement of his or her skin.

Our Product of the Month:

pdrn skinboosters

Combining the most effective revitalizing ingredients – polynucleotides (PDRN), niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, – Crystal Hydro PDRN becomes a powerful anti-aging solution that provides hydration to the skin, improving its tone and elasticity.

PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) is DNA which is obtained from Salmonidae fish and a regenerative activity material existing within the living body. This creates an act of tissue formation and cell division as a regenerative ingredient and helps improve the skin within a short-time period.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body, as a component of cells. With age its content decreases and, as a result, the skin loses elasticity and the number of wrinkles increases. For dehydrated skin and skin that is losing elasticity, delivery of hyaluronic acid directly to the subcutaneous layer is the most effective way to experience an immediate effect.

Niacinamide is an element of vitamin B3. It has a powerful brightening effect, helps to moisturize and improve skin tone. One of the main advantages of niacinamide is its seasonality. This allows use of Crystal Hydro PDRN without time limitations, since light and heat (which are environmental factors) do not affect its effectiveness.


What benefits does niacinamide offer?

Overall, niacinamide can help build proteins in the skin and lock in moisture to prevent environmental damage.

Individual benefits include:

  • Immunity. Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy.
  • Lipid barrier. Niacinamide can help your skin grow a ceramide (lipid) barrier which can, in turn, helps retain moisture. This is beneficial for all skin types, especially if you have eczema or mature skin.
  • Minimizes redness and blotchiness. Niacinamide reduces inflammation, which may help ease redness from eczema, acne, and other inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Minimizes pore appearance. Keeping skin smooth and moisturized may have a secondary benefit — a natural reduction in pore size over time.
  • Regulates oil. The benefits of moisture retention aren’t just for those with dry skin types. Niacinimide can also help regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce and prevent your glands from going into overdrive.
  • Protects against sun damage. Niacinamide can concurrently rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Treats hyperpigmentation. Some research has found 5 percent niacinamide concentrations can be helpful in lightening dark spots. Benefits were seen after four weeks, but not beyond two months. This benefit may be due to increased collagen production.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Research has also found that the same concentration was helpful in reducing some signs of sun damage that come with aging. This includes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects against oxidative stress. Niacinamide helps build cells in the skin while also protecting them from environmental stresses, such as sunlight, pollution, and toxins.
  • Treats acne. Niacinamide may be helpful for severe acne, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules. Over time, you may see fewer lesions and improved skin texture.


Crystal Hydro PDRN is a combination of the strongest anti-aging elements of PDRN, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. In combination, they increase elasticity and strengthen the skin, giving your face a healthy glow. Crystal Hydro PDRN in itself is a regenerative rejuvenating treatment that excels in improving skin quality and also in preparing the skin to respond better to other complementary treatments to further boost results. It is very versatile and can be combined with a variety of regenerative and anti-ageing treatments available at Aestha Clinic.