Non-surgical Facelift Treatments Protocol That Gives Almost Surgical Results!

Alternative facelift protocol in your 30s, 40s and 50+

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As we age, we start to see visible signs of ageing including sagging skin and deep lines and wrinkles. Whilst loosing elasticity in the skin is a normal part of the ageing process, many of us try our best to turn back the hands of time by stocking up on anti-ageing creams and serums. But, when creams aren’t enough, what are our other options? A surgical facelift perhaps?

Although a facelift is a very effective way to achieve a more youthful appearance, the recovery time can be quite long and inconvenient for busy people. This is why more and more patients are now seeking out non-surgical alternatives that offer similar results with less downtime. Judy Murray, the mother of UK tennis icon Andy Murray, is a recent example of someone who’s undergone a non-surgical facelift to lift her turkey neck and target her skin pigmentation issues.

What are your non-surgical facelift treatments options?

non-surgical facelift treatments

1. Collagen-stimulating therapies such as SCULPTRA, LANLUMA

If you’re looking for a way to restore volume and elasticity to your skin, a ‘liquid facelift’ with Sculptra or Lanluma might be the perfect solution. Sculptra and Lanluma are made of poly-L-lactic acid, which encourages your body to produce collagen. The treatment works gradually, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Sculptra and Lanluma are injectables that work by stimulating your body’s own collagen production. They are made of poly-L-lactic acid, which is gradually degraded and metabolized by your body. PLLA is a temporary material that stimulates collagen production, which in turn tightens skin via Extracellular Matrix strengthening in the skin.

Both collagen-stimulating injectables can help address the two most common signs of ageing: loss of volume and skin elasticity. The results you can expect include gradual improvement in facial volume, better quality skin, and an overall youthful glow.

Sculptra or Lanluma are excellent for:

  • Prevention of skin laxity
  • Mild sagginess
  • Natural results and overall face rejuvenation
  • Skin brightening and counteracting acne marks
  • Temple and mid-face filling when hyaluronic acid fillers are giving puffiness.
  • Body contouring ie buttocks uplift, stretch marks sagging skin on arms or legs.

We recommend considering a session of Lanluma a once a year in your 30s. And if you want to target sagginess or lack of contour and definition – APTOS thread lift may be just the right solution that you look for.

2. Aptos threads

Dr Marlen Sulamanidze, a Russian plastic surgeon, was one of the first doctors to introduce the non-surgical facelift, or thread lift in 1999. The treatment was designed to address sagging facial tissues that had lost their anchors due to collagen loss and the effects of gravity. This condition, known as ptosis, can cause facial tissues to droop when a person is upright.

This is where the name APTOS was derived from anti-ptosis. Threadlifting is a popular method of addressing facial sagging without the need for traditional facelift surgery. This minimally-invasive procedure involves the use of specialized threads to lift and tighten loose skin.

APTOS threads are the latest and greatest in collagen stimulation, containing a combination of PLLA (found in Sculptra and Lanluma), PCL (found in Ellanse), and hyaluronic acid. These materials are bio-compatible and stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin, providing lift and rejuvenation to the areas treated. With many different types of threads available, APTOS threads can be customised to each patient’s individual needs.

Aptos threads can be applied:

  • As an alternative to the filler for volume
  • Definition on cheekbones and jawline with support to fat pads and as a preventative to sagging
  • Face slimming
  • Armouring a whole face to enhance collagen stimulation and tighten the face

3. GOURI – the  newest development in collagen induction therapy

GOURI is the first completely soluble PCL product, which targets more superficial skin layers. It works asa a collagen superskinbooster. The main difference from existing products like Profhilo or HA skin boosters, however, is that GOURI stimulates new collagen production rather than attracting water like HA products, hence skin becomes tighter, bouncier, and firmer.

After being injected into ten sites for a full non-surgical facelift (5 injection points on each side of the face), GOURI changes into a three-dimensional matrix in the skin and stimulates fibroblasts to form collagen. This results in a naturally ‘filled,’ ‘lifted’, and firmer-looking skin.

GOURI is excellent for:

  • Dark circles under eyes prevention
  • Fine lines and overstretched skin
  • Skin dullness
  • Has brightening and skin lightening effect

For even firmer and more lifted skin GOURI can be combined with energy-based devices such as Secret Pro or ULTRAFORMER 3. The combination of these 2 treatments will help tighten the skin even more and will double the collagen production by adding energy to the superficial skin layers.

  • Ultraformer 3 is for ones looking more tighter jawline withinout downtime.
  • Secret PRO targets more superficial skin surface ie texture and pores, with few days of downtime due to RF microneedling injuries.

Our recommended counter LAXITY protocol

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Week 1:

    1. One session of Sculptra or Lanluma
    2. Targetted APTOS thread application if targeted tightening or lift required

Week 4: 

    1. ULtraformer 3 or Secret RF – SINGLE session
      (for advanced ageing signs – 2-3 sessions spread every 4-6 weeks)

Week 8:

    1. Review results and add GOURI for skin glow and superficial elasticity enhancement.

This can be repeated every 4 weeks for up to 3 sessions.


The non-surgical facelift protocol reverses first ageing signs and is especially useful post-pregnancy,  during or around or post-menopause, when the skin is affected by hormone fluctuations.