Mistletoe Lips for the Perfect Smooch This Christmas

With mistletoe waiting around every corner, the time has definitely come to think LIPS. For this important time of the year, if you are hoping for a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe, you should have the most voluptuous and kissable lips possible!

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Not all of us are lucky to have been gifted with a naturally plump pout. Don’t worry, with the advancement of aesthetic medicine and the cosmetics industry everyone has the option to get that mistletoe moment with the perfect lips.  At Aestha Clinic we have a range of non-invasive lip enhancement treatments to suit everybody’s taste and needs, from soft natural-looking lips to fuller, plumper more exaggerated ones. Our aesthetic medical experts will advise on the best product that will help you achieve the desired result and get the perfect kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas.

winter skincare

Lip enhancement treatments carried out by our highly qualified and medically trained professionals use carefully selected and targeted dermal filler that provides the perfect solution to achieving a naturally full and rejuvenated lip aesthetic. Lip enhancement could also provide a harmonious balance to your facial features.

With ageing our lips naturally decrease in size due to the loss of collagen and naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Having a refreshed lip line with a more defined contour also helps stop the lipstick bleed experienced by many ageing women and fills out the fine lines around the lip area.

Who is the perfect candidate for lip enhancement?

  • Lip enhancement adds volume and creates a more youthful appearance
  • Those with a thin upper or lower lip or both
  • Lip enhancement can even out/ correct lip shape
  • Smoking lines (fine lines arounf the lip area) appear less deep
  • Minimal changes to the lip shape can boost confidence in both men and women
  • With age lips appear thinner
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If there is ever a time to rock a red lip, it’s got to be now!  A bright red lip is the perfect festive look, but it only has the wow factor if you have prepped your lips properly beforehand. Lip hydration treatments are very popular and will help you avoid flaking and patchy application. At Aestha Clinic we also offer low-viscosity hyaluronic acid injectables designed to deliver deep hydration without adding extra volume or changing the shape of your lips. Before applying the red lipstick, we will also give you a few pointers on how to achieve the perfect mistletoe kiss look.

  • Make sure to exfoliate your lips well for a few days before Christmas
  • Apply hydrating lip moisturiser designed for deep and long-lasting hydration
  • Choose the right shade of red for your skin complexion
  • Apply powder to your lips (helps the lipstick to adhere well to your lips and prevents bleed)
  • Fill in your mouth with lip liner first to accentuate the lip borders
  • Carefully apply the lipstick either with a brush if you want vaguer colour or directly using the actual lipstick for a fully coloured look
  • Line the border of your mouth with concealer or powder to encase the colour and make the lips look very pronounced and perfected
  • Go for that KISS!!!

For Lip enhancement consultation and treatment, please visit our app and book with an Aestha Clinic aesthetician of your choice. The product and treatment will be determined at the time of your consultation depending on your personal preferences and suitability.

Looking forward to seeing you in the clinic soon to kick start those holidays in style!

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