Lanluma bum lift – the non-surgical buttocks enhancement treatment

For our clients who are seeking a rounder and shapely buttock, there is a non-surgical solution at Aestha Clinic which has proven very effective and carries minimal risks and downtime- the Lanluma bum lift bio stimulator treatment.

 While a healthy diet and exercise can improve the appearance of the butt, some patients are still left feeling they have a flat or inadequate derriere or the so-called hip dips. There are surgical options, but those undoubtedly carry bigger risks and sometimes aren’t necessary as can be substituted with our much safer Lanluma bum lift option. A non-surgical butt lift at Aestha Clinic consists solely of an injectable bio stimulator to fine-tune the butt’s shape. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors use the newest cutting-edge bio stimulating filler Lanluma, precisely injecting it to fill and plump the butt, with minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime.

What is a non-surgical buttocks lift?

    A non-surgical bum lift uses Lanluma, a dermal bio stimulating filler that not only fills in the shape of the butt, it also stimulates the body to create more of its own collagen, contributing to a natural and long-lasting result. During a non-surgical bum lift, Lanluma is injected strategically throughout the butt, immediately producing a visible restoration of volume and contour.

    lanluma bum lift

    What are the long-term Benefits of the Lanluma Bum Lift?

    • Contour the butt to a more desirable shape
    • Increase volume off the butt
    • Smooth the surface of the skin
    • Lift a sagging butt and deliver a more youthful shape


    What does a Lanluma bum lift procedure entail?

    • A rapid procedure: A butt lift with Lanluma can take as little as 10 minutes, as opposed to a more invasive procedure that may take several hours. 
    • Minimal anesthetic: Because the procedure is non-invasive, patients often require only a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. 
    • No downtime: While there may be some residual effects following a non-surgical butt lift—such as swelling, slight bruising, and minimal discomfort—patients are generally able to immediately resume their daily activities following treatment. 
    • Effective results: Despite the non-surgical approach, a Lanluma bum lift is remarkably effective in producing the desired results. Lanluma will eventually be resorbed by the body, but results can last up to two years. The treatment will have enhanced your body’s ability to produce collagen, leaving you with a healthier butt for a long time to come. The treatment can be repeated in due course for the upkeep of the results.


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    Am I a candidate for a non-surgical butt lift with Lanluma?

    When it comes to a non-surgical butt lift with a biostimulator such as Lanluma, virtually any patient who simply desires improvements to their butt is a candidate. A non-surgical butt lift can accomplish more dramatic re-shaping, or it can deliver more subtle tweaks. When combined with improvements in lifestyle habits, there is no end to what a Lanluma bum lift can do. At Aestha Clinic in London, our comprehensive consultation process will ensure a hands-on approach that is best designed to achieve your cosmetic goals. In some cases, if the desired results are not likely to be achieved with a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure such as Lanluma bio stimulating buttock lift/enhancement or hip dip correction the doctor might refuse to treat the client.  

    Other procedures to consider for shape, contour, and cellulite / fat reduction available at Aestha Clinic are:

    • Aqualix fat burning injections
    • Fat Burner IV drip (a course of 4 for optimal results)
    • Dermastir Cellulite reduction injections
    • Clatuu targeted Fat Freezing
    • RF (radiofrequency) micro-needling for buttocks uplift, stretch mark, and cellulite reduction.
    • Ultraformer HiFu Lift harnessing ultrasound technology to tighten, lift, and plump skin.