Juvéderm Volux Launch
The latest innovation in facial definition dermal fillers.

As pioneers in the Aesthetic Medicine field, at Aestha Clinic we always strive to bring our clients the latest innovative techniques and products available on the Global market.
 We are excited to announce the launch of Juvederm’s latest innovation and be amongst the first Clinics in London to offer it to our clients! 

juvederm volume

As we get older, several factors can contribute to how the lower face ages including genetics, soft tissue and bone structure changes, repetitive facial expressions, and environmental elements. Many people start to lose definition around the chin, neck and jawline area, often changing the shape of the face.

Beauty is often described using three key tenets: symmetry, balance, and harmony. Some women describe the ideal lower face shape as a defined jawline and a firm, toned chin, which VOLUX has been developed to treat and improve! 

It also makes this product the perfect option for male clients, particularly those looking to enhance a wide-set jaw. Men consider, a strong chin and jawline to denote power, authority and leadership. We have seen an increase in male clients for lower face definition in recent years as nowadays surgery is not the only option! As a result, men are having more aesthetic treatments than ever before, now that we have better products and better-injecting skills to thank for that. 

juvederm volume

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient known to moisture the skin, helping return its elasticity and tone to produce natural, healthy-looking skin!

Juvéderm® VOLUX is a brand-new CE marked medical approved HA filler developed to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw area!
All of us at Aestha Clinic are beyond excited to be able to offer this incredible innovation in the medical aesthetics world and looking forward to seeing you in Clinic soon!