Facial Thread Lift

facial thread lift


Nano spiral threads x5 for nasolabial, marionette lines, or cheeks for just £450.

Facial Thread Lift vs. Dermal Fillers?

We all want defined facial contours -cheeks, jawline, and ‘snatched’ profile. While the skin is young and plump, this is easy to achieve with a bit of extra volume, however, once we get older and the skin becomes more lax, more volume is required to achieve the same results and a natural look.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are excellent in your 20s and early 30s to contour facial features. They attract water, and plump and hydrate the skin which helps define  the profile.

Collagen-generating treatments are essential in the late 30s. These can include collagen bio-stimulating products such as Sculptra and Lanluma. They provide less definition, but improve skin tone and therefore give a more sculpted look.

Threads are also classed as collage-generating treatments. Threads can not only be used as an alternative to dermal fillers for volumisation but also repositions of facial fat pads and tightening the skin. 

Cheek definition with threads

Spiral threads are excellent for light volume, collagen stimulation, and skin tightening. They can add volume that is flexible and adjusts to your natural expressions. They also connect separating fat pads, especially in the tear trough and nasolabial fold area.

Jawline and double chin area

Threads are used to define the jawline, tighten the skin, and improve our profile. Early jowls and skin laxity especially in the neck and chin area are extremely difficult to correct. Early thread use for the jawline may prevent and delay skin laxity and requirement more advanced corrective treatments.

Marionettes Lines or ‘Sad mouth’ corners

Only threads are able to effectively lift this area. Dermal fillers may mask, but will not improve the area long term.

Eyebrow and nose lift with threads

A subtle and defined look with nano threads rejuvenates and prevents early skin laxity in those difficult-to-treat areas. Dermal fillers can also be useful but they tend to add extra volume which may not be advised in these areas.

facial thread lift
facial thread lift
face thread lift

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