Eye Rejuvenation – How to Look Younger Without Surgery?

Regenerative Aesthetic Eye Treatments in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

eye rejuvenation

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and one of the first places where aging signs appear.

The eye area is the most delicate skin on the face and unfortunately, the first place where signs of aging appear. There are multiple structures around the eyes that can show signs of aging, including the skin, muscles, and ligaments. Fat pad prominence and pigmentation can also be indications of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, loss of firmness, dryness, and uneven texture can all make your eyes look older than they are. Even if these signs are not apparent yet, most of the damage may already be under the surface of the skin.

There are plenty of eye rejuvenation treatments we can do to help keep the signs of aging at bay around our eyes both on our own and/or with professional help. Everything from the stressors we encounter in our environment to our lifestyle choices can play a big role in how quickly damage builds up and becomes visible, according to the National Institute on Aging.

What are your eye rejuvenation options?

eye rejuvenation

Eye area treatments to start in your late 20s early 30’s

Plasmotherapy – the most natural and effective way to rejuvenate the skin with minimal risks. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) or the more advanced version of iPRF (Fibrin rich plasma ) is a source of growth factors that stimulate your skin cell renewal, hyaluronic acid, and collagen production and reduce pigment accumulation.

ND: YAG laser is another excellent way to stimulate the production of collagen and delay ageing.  You should consider ND: YAG laser when you have light pigmentation, especially in ethnically darker skin types, and combine the treatment with PRP or skin boosters to reduce pigment accumulation. Pigmentation can be a big contributor to dark circles and a tired appearance. It may start out as light darkness, but if not treated, it can settle into the skin and become more permanent. This makes it more difficult to treat.

Early ageing signs and recommended treatments in your 30’s and above

Looking for a way to add hydration and restore elasticity to your eye area? PDRN therapy may be right for you! This therapy can help reverse the signs of aging, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles and increasing collagen production for a more elastic and firm skin texture around the eyes. PDRN therapy can also help repair damage caused by chronic inflammation or prolonged sun exposure, as well as reduce scars and improve skin hydration and barrier function. Another incredible benefit of PDRN is its use as a natural alternative to tear through filler.  

Heavy upper eyebrow area treatments

As we age, it’s not uncommon to see our skin droop – including the skin on our upper eyelids. This can make us look tired and aged, and in some cases cause asymmetrical eyes. However, there are a number of cosmetic procedures for eye or eyelid lift that can reduce sagginess and excess skin, giving us a more youthful look.

If you’re looking to prevent sagging skin and lift the upper eyelids, Ultraformer 3 is the best non-invasive option. It uses HIFU technology to deliver USS bursts to lift the muscle at the SMAS layer. A single session will give you noticeable results that will last long term with repeated sessions.

Visible skin ageing in 40’s and 50s and treatment options

Secret RF with stem cells

RF micro needling with stem cells is the most advanced and effective treatment to tighten upper and lower eyelids and generate collagen. It also prevents fat pad bulging and significantly improves skin elasticity and tone.

If you’re looking for a way to take your skincare routine to the next level, you may want to consider adding exosomes to your list of options. Exosomes are the newest type of stem cell therapy, and they’ve been shown to be significantly more effective than micro-needling or PRP alone. (read more on Exosome therapy here- please link to exosome blog or page)  In fact, exosomes can stimulate the production of up to 300% more collagen and elastin, making them a powerful tool for anyone interested in improving their skin’s elasticity.

Recommended: a round of 3 treatments with each session 4 -6 weeks apart.

Ablative laser resurfacing:

If you’re unhappy with skin laxity and excess skin around your eyes, a CO2 laser lift might be the treatment you’re looking for. This powerful laser uses thermal energy to tighten skin, while also creating nano injuries that promote collagen production and skin tightening. Usually, just one session is all it takes to see results 4-6 months down the road. However, this treatment isn’t suitable for those with darker skin tones and individuals with mixed skin types may need to undergo some preparatory treatments before their CO2 laser session.

For darker skin types ablative laser treatments are limited to Erbium: YAG, which is otherwise known as ‘cold laser’ and does not affect the pigment pathway as much.

Ageing is inevitable, but you can delay the signs of ageing by taking regular care of your skin and face. The most suitable treatment plan is highly individual and not always determined by our biological age.

The above-mentioned are a few examples of treatments available at Aestha Clinic that are helpful to target signs of ageing around the eye area but are also suitable for overall skin regeneration. We would advise you to book a consultation to determine which are the most acceptable and appropriate solutions for your ageing signs and personal preferences. Our team of medical experts specialise in regenerative aesthetic medicine and is always one step ahead of ageing giving you the advice and the right tools to slow down the clock.