Enhance your athletic performance with EMSculpt Neo

EMSculpt Neo is a body contouring technology that reduces FAT tissue PERMANENTLY and TONES / BUILD MUSCLES up to 3-6 months post a course of 4 treatments. EMSculpt muscle-building technology bypasses brain limitations, on average muscle volume increases by 25%, and subcutaneous fat elimination by 30%.

emsculpt neo

Who is a perfect candidate for this treatment?

Pre-holiday body sculpting 

Only 4 x 30min sessions will results in permanent positive body changes, and if combined with regular gym session and healthy eating. your summer body will be perfect in no time!

Post-pregnancy mummy tummy

RF technology heats up the skin and fat layers, which results in not only a flatter tummy but tighter skin.  It is also proven that pot pregnancy muscle laxity and even muscle diastasis can be successfully treated with EMSculpt Neo.

Gym enthusiasts to push further

Excellent top-up for your abs sessions! The technology combines muscle contractions with lactic acid-releasing intervals, so you will reduce your downtime and massively increase results.  

How does it compare with other body contouring treatments?

This revolutionary technology simultaneously heats up and contracts the targeted muscle simulating the effect of physical workouts. Meanwhile, the radiofrequency and magnetic energy destroys fat tissue, and push muscle contractions to a different limit.

Fat freezing vs EMSculpt Neo

Fat Freezing has an uncomfortable numbing effect and takes min 2-3 months to see results. EMSculpt Neo not only reduces fat layer at very similar effect as Cool Sculpt systems but on top of that EMSculpt tones your muscles. Overall effects are more natural and even, without risks of Fat Freezing systems.

Aqualyx vs EMSculpt Neo

Aqualyx Lipodissolve injections can be an amazing add-on treatment for stubborn fat pads. Aqualyx injected in the fat layer can give rather prolonged downtime effects such as swelling and hardness, and lumps. EMSculpt can help break down lumps and improve lymph -drainage from the area, reducing swelling and improving overall effects.

Liposuction and EMSculpt

Post-surgical liposuction massages are often recommended to improve overall results and reduce swelling. Some contour irregularities can remain despite the best surgeon and aftercare. EMSculpt Neo can help to reduce post-surgical swelling and improve results with RF settings and muscle stimulation adding on sharper and more evident contoured looks.

Other Muscle stimulation technologies

EMSculpt Neo is the only patent and highly researched technology, which can achieve the results it claims! The HIIFEM technology requires a specific high-powered magnetic field to produce effective deep muscle stimulation, which can not be achieved just with simple electrostimulation of the muscle.

Radiofrequency settings transmitted via pads have a feedback technology and therefore heat up muscle exactly to the temperature required to achieve fat reduction and improve skin tone. Using RF technology on its own, you can reach similar effects, however, w=once it is combined with magnetic electrostimulation  the overall effects are heightened due to the effects of interstitial fluids, improved blood flow in muscles, and overall lymph drainage effects.

emsculpt neo

Combination Treatments

Excellent combination options are with skin tightening technologies:

Add on:

  • HIFU for extra skin tightening and collagen stimulation
  • Secret RF to reduce stretch marks, superficial skin laxity and sun damage
  • Fat burner IV drip or IM shot to further elimination of  released fat into body’s lymph circulation
  • Lanluma or Sculptra to enhance curves of the buttocks, reduce cellulite type skin appearance, reduce skin laxity and crepey skin

Treatment protocols

We recommend minimum 4 sessions once or twice a week on any of 9 areas:

abdomen, buttocks, inner, outer, front or back of thighs, biceps, triceps, or calves.

Each session lasts 30 minutes. And then further treatments for maintenance depending on the individual and desired effect.

Good to know facts

  • Abdomen equal to 20,000 sits ups
  • Buttocks equal to 20,000 squats
  • You can lay and relax during 30 min session
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No pre-treatment preparation
  • Can do a few areas during one appointment
  • Can book unlimited sessions

No real contraindications except having metal implants in the treatment area, heart stimulators, severe skin injury, and hernia, and not recommended during pregnancy due to lack of research.

This is what our patients say:

“If you are new to this procedure prepare yourself mentally for quite unusual sensations while the handset of the EMSculpt Neo machine is contracting your muscles. I wouldn’t say it is painful though. After the first session, I felt 
that even my posture changed for the better! I felt stronger and fitter with every procedure.” 

“I love to combine with my gym activities as I will feel more advanced at doing my exercises which you couldn’t do a week ago”. 

“Being an older mum to an active toddler I didn’t have time and energy to visit the gym and work out on my body, those 30 min sessions are a life-changer for me. I definitely started to feel my muscles and it feels great. I am looking forward to my next session” 

“It works deeper into the muscles which are impossible for me to work even if I am in a gym all day.”