Chanel Facial – The Korean’s secret to porcelain skin

The most talked about and popular South Korean trend comes to London! ‘Chanel Facial’ using Filorga 135HA meso-treatment with MTC and injectable options for brighter, glowing, and perfectly smooth skin.

chanel facial

Background to ‘Chanel Facial’

‘Chanel injections’ aka ‘Chanel Facial’ became popular over the last decade and have proven effectiveness and scientific evidence for its sustained skin benefits. Micronutrients and hyaluronic acid administration in two most effective ways via epidermal MTC therapy and targeted deeper skin booster deposition allow to nurture skin from outside and within.

‘Chanel Facial’ – who is the most suitable candidate?

After the sunny holiday, our skin is dehydrated and needs extra care to recover glow & healthy plumpness as well as hydrated texture and tone. Ageing leads us to skin atrophy, dull texture, and lifestyle and external stress factors accumulated skin damage.

‘Chanel Facial’ activates all skin layers  – from  epidermis to deeper dermal and subdermal layers. MTC therapy exfoliates, boosts skin oxygenation and perfusion with blood enriched with nutrients, as well as boosts growth factors by causing micro-injuries to the skin.  Epidermal skin layers are affected by the sun and ageing almost every season. It is essential for the epidermal layer to be hydrated and renewed for brighter, smoother, and healthier skin.  

Deeper dermal/subdermal skin layer’s boost with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and micronutrients targets deeper skin primary cell health ie stem cell metabolism and boosts skin collagen and elastin production.

  • Dehydrated sun-damaged skin
  • Aging signs
  • Fine lines
  • Laxity and early signs of sagginess
  • Dull texture
  • Dryness
  • Sun ad ageing-related pigmentation

‘Chanel facial’ improves skin dryness, softens skin texture and clears the tone,  boosts skin metabolism, blood flow, and growth factors to provide the best possible medium to renew and repair.

NB: it is not a treatment to remove deep pigmentation such as melasma, or uplift face, as for this you may require doctors consultation and program to address your individual aging and skin issues

chanel facial

What is included in the treatment?

  • Double cleanse
  • MTC (micro-needling skin therapy) with Filorga 135HA
  • Skin booster injections in deeper lines ( optional)
  • Stem Cell hydrogel mask
  • LED light therapy

The treatment is recommended in courses of 3 or 6 every 2-4 weeks apart. Intensive skin renewal therapy may include treatments every 7 days.

Additional nonfractional laser or HIFU therapies are available to target skin pigmentation or uplift and tighten skin.

    What should I expect post-treatment?

    The same or next day you may experience some redness and slight marks from injections. It is extremely unlikely to have bruising due to the depth of injectable treatments. We advise avoiding high concentration actives such as retinol, AHA/BHA 24 hours post-treatment.

    The checklist of whether Chanel Facial is exactly what you may need?

    Skin dryness, thin skin and fine lines

    Chanel injections and facial is specially designed to address skin health. Scientifically it is proven that epidermal thickness will improve by 25% following 3 treatments and the effect remains for approx. 4- 6 months, when you may want to repeat treatment for longer-lasting benefits.

    Skin dryness also indicates damaged, poorly functioning skin and accumulation of free radicals and metabolic byproducts. Hyaluronic acid and skin activation ‘washes’ out and rehydrates skin to allow it clear itself from waste and improve nutrients and oxygen supply.

    Sensitive and easily inflamed skin

    Chanel facial aims to improve your skin’s resistance to environmental stressors by improving its health and epidermal thickness. Multiple active ingredients used such as retinol, and high concentration acids can easily disrupt our skin barrier and instead of giving better-looking skin induce sensitivity, inflammation, and redness.

    Chanel Facial ingredients are all organic, free of parabens or irritating ingredients. While MTC therapy may cause temporary redness, the ingredients in the ‘Chanel facial’ boost skin resilience and health, therefore it settles quickly and provides longer-lasting benefits to improve skin barrier functions.

    Ageing and pigmentation-prone skin

    Melanocytes (cells releasing pigment) are more vulnerable and reactive when the skin barrier is damaged and inflamed. Inflammaging is one of the theories explaining skin ageing through the constant inflammation of the skin, and barrier disruption, which leads to chronic ill health skin cells, not being able to restore their optional skin function.

    Improving skin barrier, hydration, and providing nutrients will alleviate skin inflammation, and improve skin cell function, oxygen and nutrients for the skin to glow and feel healthy.