Best large pores treatment options

The skin and hair follicles have two types of pores; sweat and oil, which are essential for healthy skin and hair. Pores are essential for perspiration and help to get rid of skin toxins, excessive oil and regulate skin hydration, and have a barrier function.

Skin pores are genetically predetermined and can worsen with age and poor skincare routine.

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Why pores become larger with age?


Pores are worsened by the heavy foundation, sun damage, general aging, and skin pollution. You should try to avoid using heavy clogging moisturisers, especially oil-based, which can turn open pores to blackheads or even outbreaks of acne. Your skincare should include oil and ph regulating cleansers and toners, water-based moisturisers, regular exfoliation, and clay masks. The addition of 3rd generation retinol can significantly help your pore size and overall skin health.

Our skin cell turnover decrease with age and pores become more prominent due to decreased collagen and elastin fibers. Skin tone, elasticity, and hydration get reduced, therefore skin loses tightness, and pores stretch.

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Medical treatments that can help shrink large pores



Hydrafacial combines deep cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, serum infusion, and deep hydration, which restores your skin health and improves tone and elasticity.

Glycol booster is nonirritating serum with glycolic and salicylic acids, which helps with skin ph and oil regulation, prevent blackheads and diminish pore appearance.

Hydrafacial can be effectively used for all body areas and even to treat oily hair too! 

Recommended one session every 4 weeks.

hydrafacial for large pores



One of the proven ways to improve skin texture, appearance and reduce pores is by creating micro-injuries in the epidermal layer and stimulating collagen and elastin production. The micro-injuries create mini skin wounds that trigger an “inflammation cascade,” and stimulate skin cell renewal to heal and form new skin.  

Microneedling therapy also known as collagen induction facials allows overall skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime. Therapists often combine micro-needling with anti-oxidant serums and/or PRP.

Recommended: a course of 3- 6 facials every 4-6 weeks

hydrafacial for large pores


Photofacial with skin laser resurfacing

Photofacial uses Intense light pulses laser, which primarily targets skin dyschromia (redness and pigment), but also rejuvenates skin. IPL light penetrates deeply in the skin, regulates oil production, can reduce acne outbreaks, and stimulate collagen production. The result is improved skin texture, tone, and eventually pore size.

It is extremely effective when combined with light resurfacing lasers such as Erbium or CO2 for additional skin texture improvement and pore reduction. The resurfacing lasers work similarly to micro-needling in a way of using energy to create tiny microcolumns of injuries in the epidermal layer, which then heals and peels. Laser energy stimulates skin cells to renew, and produce more collagen and elastin. 

Recommended: 1-3 treatments every 4-6 weeks apart depending on your skin health and pore size

hydrafacial for large pores


RF microneedling (Secret RF, Morpheous 8, Vivace devices )

Radiofrequency microneedling is one of the most effective treatments combining RF energy and microneedling technologies. Tiny gold plated needles perforate skin and energy heat up tissues stimulating collagen production, which visibly appears as a skin tightening and toning effect. Microneedle injuries provoke a skin healing cascade, restart the cell cycle, and give superficial skin resurfacing by getting rid of old injured skin. Skin improves tone, appears smoother and tighter, overall more radiant and healthy.

RF microneedle depth can be regulated to address deeper pores, and skin texture irregularities such as acne scarring. Depending on the energy used, you can achieve skin tightening, resurfacing, and even reduction in accumulated fats ie double chin, and jawline area.

RF microneedling also is a proven way to regulate pigmentation, can be used on all face and body areas for scar treatments and stretch marks.

Secret PRO device combines RF micro-needling with light CO2 laser, which can be adjusted to light peel effect with minimal downtime of 24-48 hours.


Recommended: skin rejuvenating effect – single treatments, large pore reduction – 3 treatments every 4-6 weeks. 

hydrafacial for large pores

Which treatment is the most suitable for you?

The treatment selection depends on your skin type, age, problems, and lifestyle. All treatments above are suitable for all skin types and energy-based device settings will be adjusted according to your skin needs. Our therapists are happy to carry out individual phone or face-to-face consultations free of charge.