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How a USS Energy Facial Treatment Delivers Next-Level Anti-Ageing Results


USS facial treatment

A revolutionary technique is making waves in the anti-ageing industry – the USS energy facial treatment. USS stands for Ultrasound Skin Stimulation, an innovative technology that uses focused ultrasonic waves to reduce visible signs of aging. Targeted acoustic waves are delivered below the skin’s surface to gently stimulate collagen and elastin production for smoother, firmer, more youthful looking skin. USS energy works by initiating the body’s natural renewal processes to lift, tighten, and tone loose or sagging areas non-surgically. These completely non-invasive treatments are safe for all skin types and require no downtime. Patients see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lifting of brows and jowls, and improved elasticity and tone after a series of sessions. As our understanding of skin biology and ultrasonic energy continues to advance, USS energy facial treatment is emerging as an exciting new frontier in aesthetic anti-aging therapies. Procedures like Ultherapy and Ultraformer already demonstrate the rejuvenating potential of focused ultrasound. With USS, more treatments tailored to individual needs will surface to help turn back the hands of time.

It is important to note that:

  • All the below mentioned devices apply HIFU energy.
  • Results varies from the exact combination of treated area and applied energy ie how many shots and how deep
  • All devices have some variation in their protocols, however, the most important part to note is that clinician experience and expertise ultimately decides whatever USS energy will help you.
  • Any device have potential side effects including HIFU. The superficial fat layer can be destroyed with Morpheous 8 (RF energy), abliative lasers (ie CO2 laser) as effectively as with HIFU if applied by clinicians not understanding anatomy and the device application.
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Ultherapy is another popular non-surgical anti-aging procedure that utilizes focused ultrasound technology. The Ultherapy system delivers focused ultrasonic energy deep below the skin’s surface to firm and tighten the facial and neck skin. This energy triggers collagen renewal and remodeling in the foundational layers of the skin for a natural lift. One of the biggest benefits of Ultherapy is that it specifically targets the SMAS layer (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) under the skin, where collagen regeneration leads to optimal lifting and tightening effects. The treatment is completely non-invasive, requiring no incisions or downtime. Patients typically undergo a single 60-90 minute session for initial results, which continue improving over 2-3 months as new collagen develops. Clinical studies have shown Ultherapy to lift brows, tighten jawlines, smooth wrinkles, and improve decolletage. The advanced micro-focused ultrasound technology allows for precise depth control and optimal stimulation of deep foundational collagen. With a high safety profile and long-lasting natural looking results, Ultherapy has become an in-demand USS energy facial treatment.


ULTRAFORMER 3 is another advanced HIFU facial treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate deep foundation collagen and elastin production in the skin. The ULTRAFORMER 3 delivers ultrasound waves at various optimized depths up to 4.5mm below the epidermis using specific transducers. This allows for targeted treatment of different layers of the skin for precise lifting, tightening, and wrinkle improvement. Treatments are customized according to the patient’s skin condition and rejuvenation goals. There is no downtime associated with ULTRAFORMER 3, and optimal results are seen over a period of 2-3 months as collagen regeneration continues. This non-invasive HIFU facial treatment can be performed on all skin types and has an excellent safety profile. By stimulating firmer, tighter and more youthful skin from within, ULTRAFORMER 3 provides natural-looking anti-aging results.


Popular in Korea, the technologically advanced device delivers gentle heat into the dermis to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal while smoothing fine lines and improving tone and texture. The minimally invasive insulated microneedles create microscopic injuries that kickstart the healing process for more youthful, luminous skin. As a non-surgical RF microneedling facial treatment, SHURINK requires zero downtime yet delivers dramatic results. Patients can see their skin transform before their eyes – finer pores, fewer wrinkles, and a radiant glow. Shurink is often used in combinations with other aesthetic treatments such as skin boosters and collagen biostimulators. It’s one of the most popular devices for lower face tightening and slimming.


Sofwave is an innovative USS energy facial treatment that is gaining popularity as a non-invasive anti-aging treatment. The technology uses targeted ultrasonic energy to stimulate collagen production and improve skin tone and texture. One of the main benefits of Sofwave is that it can be used on all skin types and requires no downtime after treatment. The device only targets superficial skin level i.e. 2mm-1.5mm and enhanced energy applicator, delivering more shots in shorter period of time. Patients typically undergo a series of 3-6 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart for optimal results. Clinical studies have shown Sofwave to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and improve the overall appearance of aging or sun-damaged skin. Because it stimulates natural collagen production, results continue to improve over time. With its excellent safety profile and minimal discomfort, Sofwave offers patients a compelling anti-aging option without the risks and recovery time of surgery.

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Myths About USS Energy Devices

1. HIFU will destroy my facial fat and cause fibrosis


As mentioned in Hello Magazine, HiFU has long been a popular treatment for those after a lifted, rejuvenated effect, to counteract sun damage. USS energy is versatile and can be used for:

  • Skin tightening – i.e. USS energy induces collagen fibre restoration, densifies elastin fibres and causes mild inflammatory reaction which brings in growth factors and fibroblasts to repair and tighten tissue.
  • Fat Breakdown by using deeper energy applicators.
  • SMAS layer lift, by targeting muscle aponeurosis.

As mentioned previously any interventions especially using energy devices and higher temperatures such as RF, USS or LASER energy have potential to break down fat layer and cause fibrosis. This is the risk of majority energy-based devices. However, it is also important to note that most of the devices are made in a safe mode, have been tested significantly and if not overused should be safe and do not cause adverse effects.

Targetted fibrosis is not always a negative reaction, as in other words it is collagen forming reaction and even if formed, can be broken down naturally or treated (in cases where it is not wanted) by utilising plasmotherapy i.e. PRP/IPRF and natural healing techniques.


2. HIFU have minimal effects and / or don’t work


USS energy can break down tumours and is used in different medical and surgical devices. The reason why single session produces minimal results is:

  • It takes time to develop as it is based on collagen formation
  • Single session may not be sufficient
  • It is a non-surgical device, often requires combination treatments to achieve more visible results
  • HIFU is more preventative treatment, giving natural results with no visible downtime

3. SOFWAVE will not break down fat as only affects skin layers

Any energy-based device can penetrate deeper than described, as human anatomy is not always exactly same. However, when applied carefully is effective and safe.

Clinician opinion and advice, who is experienced in many different treatment options (nonsurgical injectables, devices and surgical options) will be more valuable whether is suitable in your case and will achieve desired results.

4. MORPHEOUS 8 (and other RF energy-based devices) cannot cause fibrosis or fat break down the same way as HIFU

RF microneedling especially using pins that penetrate 2-3 mm and uses energy above 50-60 degrees Celsius have potential to break down superficial fat compartment and cause fibrotic reactions.

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Things To Remember Before Booking your USS Energy Facial Treatment

  • Any device is as good as clinician using it
  • Protocols are not able to achieve individual results – energy and devices should be adjusted to your personal needs.
  • Combination treatments are best as they address the complexity of human face and body ageing, which involves all layers from skin to deeper ligaments and changes in tissue thickness.
  • Work with a trusted provider, make a plan and don’t rely on single treatment to produce long lasting drastic results, rather focus on skin’s health and natural results.