As the years pass by..

Age changes us. We grow older and nature takes over. Our skin looses it’s elasticity making it hang loosely and it can become rougher. You’ll also find that your skin becomes more transparent and fragile. These are the natural signs of your skin ageing and the onset can depend on your lifestyle, diet and personal habits such as smoking etc.

Our facial structure also changes; as we loose fat below the skin in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area, fat loss may result in the loosening of skin, sunken eyes, and a “skeletal” appearance. Bone loss, mostly around the mouth and chin, may become evident after age 40-60 and cause puckering of the skin around the mouth.

Putting an end to ageing. How?

It can be an uncomfortable feeling when you start visibly loosing your youth but it doesn’t have to be the end of your youthfulness. With so many people turning to cosmetic procedures and minimally invasive injectables it’s important to remember the basic principles.

Aging prevention with cosmetics and injectables?

The main principles of using medical cosmetics and injectables are:

  • always – “less is more!”
  • good skin care is essential and cosmetic injectables are an addition, rather than primary treatment for ageing prevention
  • “a natural and younger look” requires regular treatments at least every 3-4 months
  • one off aggressive “enhancements” and “lifts” would not last
  • consider treatments such as skin boosters and mesotherapy to stimulate your skin and prolong the effects of dermal fillers.

Image source: Juvederm

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