The new trend in aesthetics that has taken over the industry by a storm has the ‘less is more approach’.

Cupid’s Bow treatment took off in the UK after being highlighted in Vogue as one of the best new beauty treatments on the aesthetics scene!

The trend for a subtler lip look has taken off with the creation of the hugely popular Cupid’s Bow treatment to meet the demand for subtler looking yet shapely lips.

  The treatment is titled the ‘’Cupid’s Bow Treatment’ due to the fact that filler is carefully injected along the Cupid’s bowor V-shape area of the mouth with the aim to enhance the peaks of the lips and overall shape of the mouth for a pretty rather than overly obvious tweak.

The specialist injection technique came to light after Taylor Swift and Rihanna’s shapely lips became the top celebrity lip look requested at aesthetics clinics around the globe. Both superstars have a naturally apparent Cupid’s Bow area, rather than overly plump lips, hence the focus is on contour and building shape in this area.

For this treatment, we use Belotero Lips, which is a filler specifically designed for contouring and adding natural volume where needed. This lip filler can last up to 12 months. 

 The treatment involves little down time, as initially swelling goes down after 24-72 hours. However, the doctors at Aestha Clinic take care to note that any aesthetic treatment should be taken with due cares and insist on a consultation prior to the procedure to ensure that best results are achieved.