Thread lifts have gained incredible popularity over the past couple of years due to their quick application and minimal downtime. It is one of the more invasive procedures in the medical aesthetics field, which is also often referred to as the ‘lunchtime facelift’ because of its minimal recovery time. 

At Aestha Clinic we always strive to source the best tried and tested products available on the market as well as offer all the newest cutting edge treatments. Our doctors are also always up to date with the newest and unsurpassed treatment protocols. 

NEW at Aestha Clinic- Aptos Threads! Unique threads of APTOS are obtained as a result of long research and tireless work on development. Today, by using threads it is possible to reinforce soft tissues of the face, neck, hands, chest, décolleté, knees, hips, abdomen; also, to correct defects, lift, rejuvenate the skin or give volume, where necessary.

Unlike dermal fillers, which can give a rather angular look (desired by some but not necessarily everyone who still wants a lift and contour) threads give a natural result built over time as they promote the body’s natural response of producing more collagen in the treated and surrounding areas. Fillers can also migrate away and sometimes cause unintentional lumps, whereas the threads are fixed in a specific area and not able to move from their original position. This also reduces the risk of damaging blood vessels causing bruising and discomfort. 

Just like fillers the threads also dissolve completely and safely, over time meaning the procedure is non-permanent one. 

The results from a thread lift are significantly longer lasting than dermal fillers with the effects expected to last up to 2+ years, building gradually over the next 2-3 months after the initial treatment. Results are visible immediately after the procedure but will increase over time. In addition, Aptos threads encourage natural collagen production, which adds further structure, firmness and contour to the area.

Advantages of Thread Lift and Rejuvenation

1.    Minimal trauma to the treated areas

2.    Speedy procedure- lasts about 40 min on average.;

3.    Safety of used materials and techniques-the procedures are performed by doctors ONLY!

4.    Relatively short and easily tolerable recovery period;

5.    Simultaneous action in several directions – lifting and revitalization of soft tissues in all treated and surrounding areas;

6.    The effectiveness of the procedure in most cases is similar to the result of surgical intervention;

7.    Minimal risk of adverse reactions.

In short, APTOS threads offer a less invasive alternative to numerous surgical procedures without the risks and downtime associated with surgery. They are also a great alternative to dermal fillers, offering more natural and longer-lasting results. 

APTOS Threads are much more advanced than the more well-known PDO threads that have been around for years. A treatment with APTOS gives better and longer-lasting results with minimal downtime. 

NB: For significant tissue reposition, the patient might experience visible tissue rippling, that will naturally fade away and even out in the first 1-3 weeks post-treatment. 

Prior to the treatment, a thorough consultation is required with one of our highly qualified doctors, where the suitability of the patient will be assessed and treatment protocol will be advised accordingly. 

A procedure with APTOS Threads costs between £650 and goes to £1500 depending on the number and size of threads required to treat the area of concern. 

On the day of the treatment a local anaesthetic is applied around the area to be treated to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. Post-care advice is also given by the doctor performing the APTOS treatment and a review is to follow 1-2 weeks post treatment. 

For further information and to book a consultation/treatment, please email us on [email protected] and one of our doctors will be in touch promptly. 

Looking forward to welcoming You in clinic soon!

The Aestha Clinic team