Lift & Tighten

Turn back time with our specifically tailored packages designed to keep you naturally beautiful in your later years

We believe it is possible to stay attractive and beautiful despite getting older. With your beauty under our control your face can be shaped and enhanced without looking fake.

As we age our lips and face lose volume and the youthful facial contours of our cheeks and jaw line diminish as well as our lips becoming thinner. The soft tissues of the face thin and skin looses elasticity and starts to sag. The result is a pulling of the features downwards.

Improve the way you look by defining your lip shape, removing lines around the eyes and mouth adding a youthful outline to your cheeks and lower face. Our Lift & Tighten package will help you replenish lost skin volume, boost your skins collagen and restore a youthful curve to your facial profile.

Our experienced clinicians will individually assess, consult and advise on your areas of concern and treatments. We recommend to consider these treatments in your 40’s and above.


  • Hyaluronic acid or collagen generating dermal fillers (Ellanse, Radiesse)
  • Silhouette Soft Lift
  • Cometic injectables
  • Tear Through treatment
  • Collagen treatments for face, hands and decollate
  • Peels
  • Skin care such as Obagi or Neostrata
  • Eye and neck care regimens


All Lift & Tighten treatment packages are individually selected for you to achieve a tighten and uplifting look improving skin texture and tone; preventing ageing and to make your face look much younger.

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    aesthetic clinic harley street central london


    Very happy with the experience at the clinic, staff attitude and value for value. I had done Aqualyx on my stomach area. I had everything very well explained and felt sensible about splitting a treatment in two lots. definitely will be coming back for more
    Sarah, 44
    I had my marionette lines filled her more than a year ago and they have never returned! great treatment, very professional and great care and advise was given.
    Martha, 47
    Absolutely brilliant experience, had lip filler and cannot fault and aspect of my visit, Dr highly professional, patient and made me feel so at ease. Definitely would recommend and be returning soon. Lips look fab.
    Yasmine, 32