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This week it’s all about facial sculpting and features enhancement. We are going to focus on the effects Botox and dermal fillers can achieve on their own and also the exceptional results achievable when combined.

facial definition aesthetic medicine

Some info on Botox, Dermal Fillers and how they complement each other when used for facial enhancement:

Botox is usually used to reduce the formation of certain wrinkles and lines. Strategically placed injections can minimize and/or diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and other wrinkles around the eye and forehead area. When talking about facial enhancement here at Aestha Clinic we also use Botox for brow lift or eyebrow repositioning, brow Botox allows you to subtly change the shape of your brow. Whether you would like to create more of an arch, to change the position of their arch or to lift the front or tail of the brow it is all possible with the right amount of product injected in the right places. We aim to create a softer, enhanced and/or refreshed look. 

Brow Lift

Dermal fillers are commonly used to fill creases and folds around the nose and mouth (i.e., the nasolabial folds) and to sculpt and volumize the lips. The newest trend on the scene is facial sculpting with the use of dermal fillers. We can create volume in the cheeks and enhance the jaw line as well as give you the result of a mini face lift. Chin augmentation and nose re-shaping are also very popular. We achieve all that only with the use of fillers. There are many different brands on the market and we make sure to only work with the highest quality lasting ones for the area/s treated. Each treatment is carefully carried out and most of them would last from 1-2 years. 

Nose reshaping

Best of Both 

 Combining Botox and dermal fillers is beneficial as they treat different types of wrinkles and areas of the face. Botoxis used to relax dynamic wrinkles, typically around the eyes and forehead. Dermal fillers are generally used on the middle and lower areas of the face to restore lost volume and help to sculpt youthful looking contours and definition in the desired areas.

1. Chin Augmentation; 2. Jawline Definition; 3. Lip Enhancement

 Both Botox and dermal fillers are non-invasive and well-tolerated by patients. There is very little downtime and the results are visible straight away (fillers) and for Botox within a few days. Final results are mostly seen two weeks post treatment , when all swelling is gone and product has set. 

Both Botox and dermal fillers are non-invasive and well-tolerated by patients. There is very little downtime and the results are visible straight away (fillers) and for Botox within a few days. Final results are mostly seen two weeks post treatment , when all swelling is gone and product has set. 

All the injectors at Aestha Cinic are skilled and experienced medical professionals so you are in SAFE hands! The above-mentioned treatments should only be performed by medical qualified personnel! 

To explore your options for Botox and dermal filler treatments and whether combining them is in your best interests, please call the Clinic’s number or email us on and one of our doctors will be in touch shortly! 

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The new trend in aesthetics that has taken over the industry by a storm has the ‘less is more approach’.

Cupid’s Bow treatment took off in the UK after being highlighted in Vogue as one of the best new beauty treatments on the aesthetics scene!

The trend for a subtler lip look has taken off with the creation of the hugely popular Cupid’s Bow treatment to meet the demand for subtler looking yet shapely lips.

  The treatment is titled the ‘’Cupid’s Bow Treatment’ due to the fact that filler is carefully injected along the Cupid’s bowor V-shape area of the mouth with the aim to enhance the peaks of the lips and overall shape of the mouth for a pretty rather than overly obvious tweak.

The specialist injection technique came to light after Taylor Swift and Rihanna’s shapely lips became the top celebrity lip look requested at aesthetics clinics around the globe. Both superstars have a naturally apparent Cupid’s Bow area, rather than overly plump lips, hence the focus is on contour and building shape in this area.

For this treatment, we use Belotero Lips, which is a filler specifically designed for contouring and adding natural volume where needed. This lip filler can last up to 12 months. 

 The treatment involves little down time, as initially swelling goes down after 24-72 hours. However, the doctors at Aestha Clinic take care to note that any aesthetic treatment should be taken with due cares and insist on a consultation prior to the procedure to ensure that best results are achieved.

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Valentine Lips: Contour and Volume

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are mirrors of our beauty. 


This Valentine’s, at Aestha, we introduce BELOTERO LIPS CONCEPT – the innovative approach to lip enhancement. Just like lipstick and lipliner complement each other, BELOTERO LIPS SHAPE and BELOTERO LIPS CONTOUR provide volume and definition for patient-specific, optimized results.

The characteristics of BELOTERO LIPS SHAPE and LIPS CONTOUR make them the ideal fillers for lip injections. They can improve the appearance of your lips by adding shape, structure and volume. Lip enhancement often requires a less-is-more approach for natural-looking treatment results.


BELOTERO range provides hyaluronic acid fillers that integrate so smoothly into your skin that they feel completely natural, just like your own tissue. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatment is ideal to add soft shape to thin lips or to sculpt lip contours.

0.24 ml BELOTERO Lips Contour0.3 ml BELOTERO Lips Contour
0.3 ml BELOTERO Lips Shape0.2 ml BELOTERO Lips Shape


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Introducing PRF – Platelet Rich Fibrin

New Year – New You – New Treatment

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. 

~Coco Chanel

Starting in our 30s, we lose volume in our face – under our eyes, in our cheeks and around our mouths. Later on, in our 40s and 50s, our skin and muscles start to stretch from loss of collagen and elastin. To stimulate collagen production, tighten loose skin and add volume back to the face there are a myriad of surgery-free options to choose from, including dermal fillers, thread lifts, lasers and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Today we offer NEW TREATMENT – Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). Similar to PRP, yet MORE ADVANCED and ALL-NATURAL solution that can treat common areas that show the first signs of ageing. 
PRF is the next generation of PRP which uses your own blood to plump up your skin. It’s known as a ‘Natural’ Filler that contains very highconcentrations of white blood cells, fibrin and stem cells (growth factors) found circulating in our bloodstreams. PRF becomes a gel after 15 to 20 minutes of being isolated and immediately upon being injected into the face or body. 

PRF main difference from PRP (Vampire Facial) is that the PRF has 3 times higher GF (growth factor) concentration rate plus fibrin and additional cells that give a filler effect. 

PRF acts as a volumizer, and very effective skin rejuvenation: skin tightening, improved skin texture and quality, and collagen stimulation. 

PRF is recommended as a course of 3 treatments, performed 6-8 weeks apart, then a single treatment every 12 months to maintain the best result. 



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Face Anatomy & Ageing + Christmas Offer

I’m no natural beauty. If I’m gonna have any looks at all, I’m gonna have to create them. 

~ Dolly Parton 


Several changes occur in the face with ageing apart from just sagging of the skin. The skull bone actually reduces in size, whereas the skin doesn’t. This results in several changes, including sagging of the skin as it no longer is as well supported by the underlying bone. Bone loss also results in hollowing of the temple region and the area above the eyebrows. This effect results in the eyebrows dropping down. Together with reduced collagen formation, the upper eyelid becomes heavy and droops.


Dermal Filler treatments in the temples and brows can make a very significant contribution to keeping the face well-proportioned and youthful.

Adding filler around the temple can help fill in the hollowing as that collagen depletes and gravity starts taking its toll. Much like the cheeks, though, filling in the temple area can also help lift the skin near the front of your ear and around your jawline. It’s like a little pick me up! Just look at the different in face shape here…

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Dermal Fillers That Last: £200 OFF till New Year

face contouring promotion

Teosyal Puresense Ultimate for Facial Sculpting 

Teosyal PureSense Ultimate is a unique smooth volumizer, adapted to recover volume in wide areas as cheeks, jawline and temples to sculpt the facial contour. 

Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is to be used in the subcutaneous or pre-periosteum tissue. Contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic for comfort injections. 

The injection for this product is never injected into the dermis. Instead, it is normally injected deeply in a concave area of the subdermal layers of skin in the face in order to completely remodel the face. The use of this product always requires a thorough knowledge of the facial anatomy and an extremely careful inspection of each individual’s facial architecture.

before and after picture of teosyal PureSense

Teosyal PureSense Ultimate is the longest lasting filler on the market now exclusively available in a 3ml syringe to treat the entire face.

Manufacturers claim the duration of each treatment to last between 12 – 18 months. Although the most expensive of the Teosyal family, the longer lasting and dramatic effects have made many people very happy customers, raving of the benefits of their experience with the treatment.

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Special Offer: Mid face & Cheek Volumisation

Time limited offer for mid face volumisation (2mls) with Surface Ultra dermal filler lasting up to 18 months.

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How do Dermal Fillers work

Nasolabial folds, otherwise known as parenthesis, are those deep folds running from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth. These folds develop as we age and might be one of the first visible signs of aging on the face. It is for this reason that nasolabial folds are one of the first areas of the face targeted by facial rejuvenation or antiaging procedures.

There are a few options for nasolabial fold correction, but perhaps the most popular today is with the use of dermal fillers like Juvedern Volumna. The latest of the range of Juvedern hyaluronic acid fillers, it is designed to restore volume in areas where volume loss has occurred. Common areas include the chinand cheeks. Also, because of its versatility, Juvederm can be used to add definition to the jaw line. This makes it the best dermal filler for nasolabial folds to date.

An attractive face is one that has smooth rounded contours, high cheekbones, and a thin, well-defined jawline. Together, these features make up the so-called “heart of face” or “triangle of beauty, with the base of the triangle at the browline and the point at the chin. As we age, we lose facial fat and elasticity. And when gravity is added to the equation, the triangle is reversed, leading to a narrower temple and forehead, and a heavier, wider jaw line.

Juvedern Volumna can restore the balance and proportions of the face by subtly adding volume to those areas where it is lacking because of extreme weight loss or the typical effects of ageing. This leads to the restoration of the triangle of beauty back to its original form, and a softer and much youthful appearance. Along with carefully placed Botox along the neck and jaw, Juvedern Volumna also works as a minimally invasive neck lift, redefining the triangle of beauty.

A thicker viscosity of this filler adds volume to the hollows that appear in the cheek area. As the filler is being added between dermal layers, it adds support to the overlying skin and restores facial contours. Clinical trials have proven that the volumizing results of Juvedern Volumna can last for as long as 18 months, although this can vary from one individual to another. Patients with facial volume loss due to aging, extreme weight loss or certain medical conditions can benefit from this treatment.

Aside from feeling some initial discomfort at the time of application, most patients report at having a painless experience. Depending upon the amount of filler added in one session for more severe cases, patients might feel some soreness for the first 48 hours after treatment. But this is usually easily remedied with over the counter medications to relieve the discomfort. For those with needle phobia, ask about getting a topical numbing cream applied to alleviate any of your anxieties.

If you are considering getting a cheek lift without surgery, consult with a board-certified doctor of aesthetic medicine who has experience treating nasolabial folds. She can advise you on how to obtain a facelift with dermal fillers including the use of Juvederm Voluma. After explaining your concerns and aesthetic goals, your doctor can make the necessary treatments recommendations for you so you can get started.

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What is the best Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers complement botox so well in the wonderful world of non-surgical rejuvenation. They remove wrinkles and folds, they contour and shape the aging face,they correct facial symmetries,  they help to create  the non-surgical facelift and they fight side by side with botox in the eternal battle against the aging process. Dermal fillers are a brilliant tool in the aesthetic doctor’s tool box, and in the right hands of the right doctor, dermal filler procedures create  the most wonderful and natural rejuvenating results.

But what are the best dermal fillers? Which give the best and most natural results? Which last the longest? Which one should you choose? These are just some of the questions we get asked by patients every day. Well the truth is it depends on your skin, area and expected results.

There a re a number of well known brands such as RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, SCULPTRA, RADIESSE, TEOSYAL, but each have their advantages and disadvantages. Your aesthetic doctor would be ablt to assess your individual requirements and assign the right product for you. So don’t choose your dermal filler depending on what others are saying, choose your option following a consultation with your aesthetic doctor. But please firstly make sure your doctor knows what he or she is talking about.

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